Online programmes

Having an Online Trainer sounds bazaar, right? However for busy lifestyles an online coach can be so beneficial. If you have the motivation to drag yourself to the gym on your own but you're really not sure how to progress or if your schedule means you can't commit to a strict training time to meet a trainer then an online coach is just what you need.

It all starts with a free call, facetime, whatsapp consultation so you can ask any questions and so I can fully understand your goals and current training plan. Then we go from there.  (You are not committed to anything from this consultation)

Starter Pack 

The starter pack has been developed to teach you and work with you so you can eventually workout alone. 

Month 1 £300

For a whole month we work together and continuously adapt your programme to develop the perfect regime that fits into your lifestyle. You can opt into having online form tutorials and tips to make sure you're performing the exercises correctly and safely. 

Month 2-4 £80 per month

(This stage is totally optional. If you think you have everything you need from month one then you can spread your wings.)

Now we have the ideal programme for you, I can take a step back and you can work more independently. However I will be there to help, adapt, advise when needed. Which includes check ins, emails, catch up chats etc 

Month 5+ £20 per month

(Optional) For continued use of the app and the support from me and the online community. Small adaptations and check ins are available when you feel you need a little boost.

Email:        Mobile: 07523627226


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