Quality Street

It's inevitable that all the temptations come out at this time of year. The biggest on in my house is the box of quality street. Now this box of tempting goodness was cracked open last night and although they are all individually wrapped their irresistible scent spread through the air as the box was waved under my nose. Delicious.

I’m not going to lie, my first thought was, ‘No, I’ve been really good the last couple of weeks, why ruin it now?’ but worry not. The better part of my brain regained control and reminded me that a couple of chocolates although high in calories and deliciousness would not make me gain 10lbs overnight and morph into a wobbly mess. And yes although I have been really good with my healthy eating over the past couple of weeks having a couple of chocolates every night with a lovely cuppa is not going to derail my progress entirely. Especially if I stick to these sneaky tips.

1) Stay on track of your training/workout plan- This keeps your fitness level up and helps your digestion stay on track. It also means you don’t have the horrible battle with yourself come the new year. When the leggings are snug and the treadmill is picking on you, it’s tough to stick with it. However if you’ve kept up with your routine the chances are you’ll be fine and dandy in January. 

2) Be picky- chose the things that you absolutely LOVE not everything. Being choosey can help reduce the amount of calories you consume and means you’re only eating your favourites. If you’re offered a mulled wine but would prefer a sherry, wait until there’s sherry on offer. If there are three different desserts to have, just pick one, the one you like the best. 

3) When you’re not celebrating or entertaining chose the lower calorie, healthy option. I know it’s the season to eat all the food but there are still healthy options out there and they are screaming to help you out. Going out for a festive dinner and drinks with colleagues? Chose a lighter lunch.

4) Keep busy – If you’re keeping busy and out of the house you won’t hear the mince pies and chocolate calling you from the cupboard. If you’re anything like me just having things in the cupboard is temptation enough. ‘Out of sight out of mind’, is complete rubbish! I know it’s there and I will eat it!

5) Learn a few things along the way. Download an app that helps you count your calories. Don’t panic! I’m not suggesting that you track all your naughties but just check some out of plain curiosity. You might be shocked or pleasantly surprised.

The main thing is to be merry and enjoy spending time with your friends and family. If you’re too consumed in counting calories and making sure you stick to your diet of chicken and rice then who’s having fun… probably not you. Make educated decisions on what you’re consuming. You can still enjoy the taste sensations of Christmas without eating every morsel around. And my biggest piece of advice is this. Chuck guilt out the window and make sure an articulated lorry hits it at 90 miles an hour! It’s not helping anyone. If you slip up and find yourself in a bath of mulled wine eating boxes of mince pies don’t beat yourself up and starve yourself for the next few days, just start fresh, take some berroca and paracetamol (we all know the mulled wine headache) and get on with it.

If you need any more tips or have any other suggestions people may find helpful please don’t hesitate to comment.   

Merry Christmas

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