New Years Resolutions

If you have been here before and read my previous blogs you may know how I feel about new year’s resolutions. However for the benefit of those that have not been privy to this information before, here goes….

New Year’s Resolutions are mostly bogus nonsense. Why? I hear you ask. Well the majority of resolutions seem to be made by plucking out the most unrealistic challenge you could possible conjure up, changing your whole routine and life to fit in this new challenge and then inevitably dropping the ball once and then twice and then giving up all together.

I am certainly not saying that EVERYONE makes these drastic resolutions. Some people decide to make a change and do actually stick to it and are able to make it work and fit in to their existing life. I applaud you.

A big question I have always asked is, why now? What makes us think we can eat 6 tonnes of chocolate a week in 2019 and believe that we can cut it out completely come January 1st 2020? It’s ambitious for sure, but it’s also drastically unrealistic. Why does this always happen? What’s wrong with 8th April? Or 27th June? Why do we feel we have to wait for the new year to make changes and be fresh and motivated. I’m sure too much wine and brandy butter have some influences in our decision to make these resolutions but lets be honest, I’ve eaten my body weight in pizza and sunk several pints of wine in one weekend and never once felt like I had to make a huge Monday resolution.

With some exceptions when people who make dietary resolutions they have neglected to research the side effects, nutrient implications, how this new diet or plan will fit into their hectic, messy life. So by the time they get two weeks into January they're starving, tired and ready to throw the towel in completely.

I think a lot of these strange and dramatic resolutions come from is social media. With social media ruling the lives of most of us, it’s easy to get sucked in to thinking that you also want to drop a dress size, move to Australia, give up meat, start drinking green sludge and grow your bottom to cover the moon… you see where I’m going with this. So I stand up and ask you; What do YOU want? When you really think about it, what do you want to achieve? It can be difficult now to truly think about what we want and what makes you happy when there is constant influence from all directions. We are so heavily lead by social media that it warps our minds and almost tells us what we want without us actually making the decision ourselves.

As previously mentioned, going from 6 tonnes of chocolate to zero tonnes of chocolate per week will be a tough change, do it gradually, cut down slowly etc

If you hate running why would you decide to run a marathon in the next year? I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong I understand why you’d want to challenge yourself but in reality how much real training will you do before you get to that marathon? Needless to say, if you love running then running a marathon seems like a great challenge. however if you're like me and don't think running 26 miles is something you'd like then why not chose to do something you enjoy. That might be team sports, climbing, swimming or even just taking the dog out for a longer walk. Life is short why do things that make you miserable. If you chose something you enjoy you’re much more likely to stick to it, after all practice makes perfect and as soon as you start getting better at something you tend to enjoy it even more. 

If you decide that you really want to challenge yourself give your challenge some real thought. It’s still a challenge if it realistic. For example think about the impact on other people, the environment and what you have coming up in the future. You may decide that cutting out all single use plastic is a great challenge for you and the family to try and it has a bigger effect on the world around you as well. Getting fitter so you feel ready for pregnancy may be another challenge and something that you can do with friends and has a dramatic effect on your future. Reducing the amount of wine you drink in the week. Not cutting out completely, I’m not a monster. But maybe only having it at the weekends. Maybe you decide you want to challenge yourself in the kitchen and start making more meals from scratch, not only saving money but learning what goes in our food is important. There are so many resolutions (not necessarily ‘new year’ ones) that can be dreamed up and executed to their full potential without starving, beating yourself to oblivion in the gym or wasting money on an expensive gym membership you’ll use for the whole of January and never again.  

What am I doing to challenge myself? Well, I’m glad you asked… I am training towards getting my pull ups perfected.. again.. I have also begun shopping with more thought and mindfulness. Looking at the ingredients and making educated decisions on what I’m eating and buying. As we all know, the planet is suffering and making small changes in the kitchen can have a positive affect. But I’m not waiting until New Year to start all these. I have started my pull up practice already and I am doing my up most to ban palm oil from my kitchen.

When making your resolutions think about why you’re doing it, what YOU really want, what effect it may have on your tribe (the people nearest and dearest) and most of all is it realistic. Do some research if its dietary and don’t bash yourself if you slip up every now and then and f*ck up in some way, shape or form. Jump back on to it and keep going. We all have busy lives and small changes can actually make a huge difference.

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