Festive Calories

Good news! Since 2020 has been such an odd year, calories have decided they'll give you a break this Christmas and let you eat all the food you want and drink all the baileys your heart desires without making your jeans tight. Isn't that great news?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, I'm sorry but it is, in fact, too good to be true. Normally when diets and weight loss tricks sound too good to be true, it's normally because they are.

So how will you and your jeans get through this year? I hope I can give you some tips and tricks to help you navigate through the mince pies, eggnog and quality street.

There are strong opinions on calories and the way we use or ignore them. Some believe that intuitive eating is the way forward. Listening to your body and eating what it 'needs'. However this would be a disaster for me. I'm pretty sure my body is in constant 'need' of chocolate and cake. So that's not the technique for me. Others use calorie counting to help their goals become reachable. It sounds tedious but I personally think it's needed, at least for a few weeks. I think it really helps us understand what is in our food. Tracking your food for a while really helps develop a good level of understanding the calories we find in our foods.

I have noted down some good apps to use that can help



So here are some little pointers to get you through the calorie war this year

1) Start counting your calories: Maybe not over the Christmas period but a week or so before. This just gives you an idea how many calories are in your 'little' snacks. You might surprise yourself.

2) Plan ahead: If you know you're going to indulge for dinner and eat enough to put you into a small food coma then reduce the amount you're eating during that day and perhaps even the day after. I'm not saying you should punish yourself for having a big meal. It's not a punishment! It's a break. You're looking after yourself! Don't starve yourself before and after, just reduce the meal size, miss the mid morning snack etc.

3) Learn what hunger really feels like: I know it sounds ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure everyday at 12 o clock I get some serious hunger regardless of what I've shovelled in for breakfast. On reflection I'm not actually 'hungry' it's my brain telling me it's lunch time. We've got so used to strict meal times we've forgotten how to actually feel hungry. Have a go at mixing up meal times and seeing if you can tell the difference between brain hunger and real hunger.

4) Become fussy. Decide what you really like to eat: There are so many options around, in the supermarkets, in restaurants etc we've forgotten what our favourites are. And as humans we crave variety so It's no wonder we want to try one of each from that family box of chocolates or taste several different starters and then devour your main meal of lasagne whilst eyeing up your partners burger and chips. It's normal! don't worry. However we could pick our favourite bits and only eat them. If someone offers you a mince pie and you like them but they're not on your top 3 list then pass. Wait until that number one brownie or ferrero roche are offered.

5) Mash, roasted, boiled?: Do we need all of them? Chose one and perfect it!

6) If you have an exercise regime KEEP IT UP: If you have some sort of workout/exercise routine, keep it up! If you keep going with some sort of physical exercise or activity it's so much easier to get straight back into it when the festivities are over. Even if your jeans do end up a little tighter, if you've kept your fitness up getting the jeans to fit you again will be so much easier.

7) Keep busy: I don't know about you but if I'm bored, I hunt out the snacks. Keeping busy takes my mind off what might be in the fridge.

8) Be aware of how your clothes feel: Don't panic if you suddenly have to add an extra hole to your belt buckle or lie down while you heave up your trouser zip. Just make some small changes to your food intake and activity that stop you having to invest in a new belt or shop for new trousers.

9) Have fun: Food should be fun. It's the holidays! Don't beat yourself up if you devour the entire box of mince pies, don't panic if you've eaten your third turkey sandwich of the day, don't worry if you have no idea how most the bottle of baileys disappeared and you vaguely remember dousing your mince pie and ice cream with the decadent, creamy liquid. Just adjust the days after and get back on track as soon as you can. Chose nutrient rich foods to help boost your immune system and keep you fuller for longer.

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